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From identifying trends in health care costs to benchmarking benefits offerings at colleges and universities, we work hard to keep people informed and empowered through a range of publications. 

Segal's Health Plan Cost Trend Survey

Each year, for the last 22 years, Segal has published a survey of cost trends in the health care industry.

The 2019 Health Plan Cost Trend Survey surveyed more than 100 managed care organizations (MCOs), health insurers, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and third-party administrators (TPAs). 

It found that medical and prescription drug cost trends, for both actives and non-Medicare retirees, are projected to be lower in 2019 than in previous years.

How Segal Helps

Today's benefits environment demands a comprehensive approach to formulating health plan design strategies that leverage innovative approaches as well as the power of data analysis, modeling and benchmarking. 

Our professionals help a wide range of organizations plan, design and strategize better plans for their people's futures. 

Sibson's College and University Benefits Study

Benefits play a key role in colleges’ and universities’ constant quest to attract and retain top talent.

Sibson’s College and University Benefits Study looks at he offerings of more than 450 private and public institutions.

It helps universities and colleges identify the benefits they could add, change or better promote to stay competitive. 

How Sibson Helps

Sibson helps institutions across North America to benchmark their total rewards packages, develop effective employee communications, remain legally compliant and more.

From compensation studies to health to retirement-income benefits studies and design, we help employers increase the performance and productivity of their people, improve the return on investments in compensation, benefits and total rewards, and better manage health care costs and retirement plans.


Market by Market Compliance News

Because it's important to stay on the right side of the law, we also publish compliance news when a rule or law may affect your plan.

Update provides quick, simple summaries of these compliance changes and what plan sponsors need to do to stay on top. 

Our compliance news is released for both Sibson and Segal and for both the public sector and multiemployer markets. 

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