Board of Directors


Chairman’s Message

As David Blumenstein has succinctly described in his CEO Message, The Segal Group continues to support its longstanding mission of providing “trusted advice that improves lives.” And as Chairman of our Board of Directors, I can assure you that our Board fully supports that mission.

The primary role of our Board of Directors is to provide support, and sometimes guidance, to our CEO, while also providing oversight on behalf of our shareholders.

Some of the specific responsibilities of our Board of Directors, as stewards of The Segal Group, include monitoring the Firm’s and the CEO’s performance, working with the CEO in setting the long-term strategy and approving major investments. It is not the role of the Board of Directors to engage in the management of the Firm.

And again, to borrow from our CEO’s message, our Board has only one true job and that is to contribute to the success of The Segal Group, which, in turn, contributes to the success of our clients.

Board Members

David Blumenstein
President and CEO
John DeMairo
Vice Chairman of the Board,
President and CEO,
Segal Marco Advisors
Sue Crotty
Senior Vice President,
Segal Marco Advisors
John Gingell
Senior Vice President
Diane Gleave
SVP and Actuary
Eugene Keilin
Stuart Lerner
SVP, Administration and Technology Consulting Practice Leader
Andrew D. Sherman
SVP, National Director, Public Sector Market
Eileen M. Flick
SVP and Director of Health Technical Services
Robinson Lynch

Chairmen Emeriti

Howard Fluhr
Chairman Emeritus
Robert Krinsky
Chairman Emeritus