David Blumenstein

Mr. Blumenstein is President and CEO of The Segal Group, which has 26 offices throughout the U.S. and Canada. The Segal Group’s member firms include Segal Consulting, Sibson Consulting, Segal Marco Advisors and Segal Select Insurance Services. The Segal Group’s professionals are leaders in a wide range of consulting — actuarial, health benefits, human resources, investment, fiduciary insurance, communications, and technology. They are all bound together by a common mission: providing trusted advice that improves lives.

Mr. Blumenstein is responsible for setting short- and long-term strategy for every aspect of the business and leads the group’s Executive Team. In addition, he serves on The Segal Group’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Blumenstein has been with The Segal Group since 1988. He specializes in working with and solving problems for multiemployer and international union health, defined benefit and defined contribution plans, but he has also worked with non-profit single employer plans and public sector plans. As someone who is passionate about the work we do, he continues to serve as the lead consultant to several major clients. Mr. Blumenstein is a frequent speaker at benefits conferences and other industry forums. In addition, he is an author on both health care and retirement benefit topics.

Mr. Blumenstein graduated magna cum laude from the University of Michigan with a BA in Philosophy. He is a committed lifelong learner who has participated in numerous continuing education programs, including courses of study at Harvard and the Center for Creative Leadership.