Executive Management

President and CEO

David Blumenstein
President and CEO

CEO Message

Martin E. Segal, our founder, impressed upon me when I joined the company nearly 30 years ago that our work is important and makes a difference for our clients and society at large. Why? At its heart, our business is about providing trusted advice that improves lives. This mission has inspired me throughout my career and makes me proud to lead The Segal Group as its President and CEO.

Our professionals are leaders in a wide range of consulting — actuarial, health benefits, human resources, investment, fiduciary insurance, communications, and technology — and we are all bound together by our common mission. It is for these reasons that we remain one of the premier national employee benefits and human resources consulting firms in the U.S.

Our work can often be technical, analytical and number intensive, but we know that not everything that counts can be counted. While our consulting teams draw on the company’s collective and deep experience, we know that each client is unique. We believe that when it comes to our clients, one size does not fit all. One size fits one.

Although at Segal we play many roles as consultants, we have only one job: contributing to the success of our clients. This commitment to the success of our clients is a guiding principle for both our management and Board of Directors. To that end, Joe LoCicero, my predecessor and Chairman of our Board, still plays an active role in the firm’s leadership and with the firm’s clients. See a message from our Board Chair as well as a complete listing of our Board of Directors.

Executive Team

John DeMairo
President and CEO,
Segal Marco Advisors
John Flynn
SVP, Chief Operating Officer

Market Leaders

David Brenner
SVP, National Director of Multiemployer Consulting
David Dean
SVP, Multiemployer Retirement Practice Leader
Megan Kelly
SVP and Benefits Consultant, National Multiemployer Health Practice Leader
Andrew D. Sherman
SVP, National Director, Public Sector Market
Rocky Joyner
SVP, National Public Sector Retirement Practice Leader
Richard Ward
SVP, National Public Sector Health Practice Leader
Tami Simon
SVP, Global Corporate Consulting Business Leader
Jonathan Price
SVP, Corporate Retirement Practice Leader
Christopher Calvert
SVP, Corporate Health Practice Leader

Regional Leaders

Mitch W. Bramstaedt
SVP, Regional Manager - Midwest
John Coyle
SVP, Regional Manager - West
Daniel Fries
SVP, New York Regional Leader
Howard B. Goldsmith
SVP, Regional Manager - New York
Stuart Wohl
SVP, Regional Manager - East

Practice Leaders

Jason Adwin
SVP, Performance and Rewards Practice Leader
Kathryn Bakich
SVP, National Health Care Compliance Practice Leader
Jennifer Benz
SVP, Segal Benz and Communications Practice Leader
Edward Kaplan
SVP, National Health Practice Leader
Stewart Lawrence
SVP, National Retirement Practice Leader
Stuart Lerner
SVP, Administration and Technology Consulting Practice Leader
Diane McNally
SVP, Segal Select Practice Leader
Scott Nostaja
SVP, Organizational Effectiveness Practice Leader
Serena Simons
SVP, National Retirement Compliance Practice Leader
Elliot Susseles
SVP, Segal Waters Practice Leader

Business Operations Leadership

Helene Dankner
Helene Dankner
SVP, Chief Human Resources Officer
Ricardo DiBartolo
Ricardo DiBartolo
SVP, Chief Financial Officer
Richard Hiss
Richard Hiss
SVP, National Director of Content, Marketing and Sales Support
Kimberly B. MacKay
SVP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary
James Sokol
James Sokol
SVP, Chief Information Officer